Pollo Granjero and Don Pollo grow in the heart of consumers

In recent years, the growth of Pollo Granjero and Don Pollo restaurants in Central America has been impressive. Both are part of the broad CMI Foods portfolio, an integral part of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), led by its President Chairman Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga. 

These takeaway food chains have adapted to the needs of the market and have expanded rapidly in the region, opening new stores and tailoring their menus to local preferences. They have become a popular option among consumers in the region due to their affordable offer, with a menu of exquisite-tasting chicken. 

Innovating contact with the consumer

Pollo Granjero and Don Pollo are two innovative and original brands that have become a benchmark in the Central American region. For over a decade, they have reached consumer homes thanks to innovative consumption and delivery strategies. 

These brands are present in Guatemala, the South of Mexico, El Salvador and Costa Rica, and offer high quality products and innovative services to their customer base. 

They have innovated novel channels in their points of sale such as the integration of self-service, the use of colorful vehicles in the local style such as “tuk tuks” ,or carts, and home delivery through the WhatsApp delivery app, among others.

In addition, they offer a wide variety of products in their menu, which adapts to the preferences of consumers in each country.

Rising brands

The expansion of Pollo Granjero and Don Pollo in Central America continues at full steam. By November 2022, they had more than 670 points of sale and great acceptance in the market. In Guatemala, Pollo Granjero has 20 self-service stores and 354 points of sale. In Costa Rica, Granjero manages 105 points of sale, two of which are self-service. 

In El Salvador, Don Pollo has 14 self-service stores and 200 points of sale. Based on this great progress, in coming years CMI Foods has ambitious plans to continue growing and continue to lead the market with local flavor and high-quality products.