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Pollo Campero’s Rise in the U.S.: Luis Javier Rodas Discusses Strategy on CEO Spotlight

Pollo Campero 100 en Estados Unidos

Pollo Campero, a brand of parent company CMI Foods, business group of CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, is not just known for its distinctive flavor, but also for its impressive growth in international markets.

In a detailed discussion on KRLD 1080’s “CEO Spotlight” hosted by David Johnson, Luis Javier Rodas, General Manager of Pollo Campero USA, delves into how the brand has effectively expanded and entrenched itself in the U.S. market. The conversation outlines the strategic maneuvers and future directions that underscore Campero’s pathway to success in a competitive landscape.

Adaptation and Growth Strategies

Since opening its first U.S. location in Los Angeles in 2002, Pollo Campero has shown a unique ability to adapt to local tastes while preserving its Central American roots. Luis Javier Rodas highlighted how menu and service adaptations have been pivotal in appealing to a broader American audience.

“Initially targeting the Guatemalan and Salvadoran diaspora, we’ve broadened our approach to include a wider demographic, implementing strategic changes to compete alongside major players in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry,” Rodas stated.

Product and Service Innovation

Adjustments in menu offerings and enhancements in service speed exemplify Pollo Campero’s refined strategy to meet American consumer expectations. These modifications have been essential for the brand’s acceptance in new markets and have significantly contributed to its development.

Challenges and Opportunities in the U.S. Market

Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga

Expanding into new areas brings challenges, particularly in building brand recognition. “One of our largest hurdles is increasing our brand awareness in regions where Pollo Campero is relatively unknown,” noted Rodas.

Despite these obstacles, Pollo Campero has realized notable growth, opening eight new locations in just eight weeks during 2024.

Strategic site selection and robust social media marketing have been key in attracting new patrons. “Focusing on high-traffic locations and vigorous digital marketing efforts has allowed us to introduce our unique offerings to a wider audience,” explained Rodas.

This interview not only spotlights Pollo Campero’s current achievements but also the strategic foresight for its future, led by the third family generation of CMI, with Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez at the helm as Chairmen of CMI Foods and CMI Capital, respectively.

As Pollo Campero continues to grow in the U.S., its commitment to innovation, adaptability, and operational excellence will continue to drive its expansion strategy. Therefore, Pollo Campero is poised to maintain its role as a significant player in the QSR industry, consistently delivering its renowned local flavors and quality to an expanding customer base.

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