CMI flour plant in El Salvador renews its Carbon Neutral Certification

The implementation of innovative technologies is essential in the fight against climate change. As companies adopt a sustainable development approach, the use of renewable resources has become a priority to reduce their carbon footprint.

CMI Foods, a business group of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), under the leadership of its President Chairman, Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, has implemented a number of initiatives to contribute to this effort, such as obtaining carbon neutrality certifications, improving energy efficiency and the adoption of a circular economy.

As a result of this and for the third consecutive year, the CMI flour plant in El Salvador has been certified as carbon neutral. This is part of its commitment to reduce greenhouse effect gas emissions. 

CMI and its commitment with the environment

Carbon neutral certification is a recognition given to companies or organizations that have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions to zero or have offset emissions that they are unable to reduce through carbon mitigation projects. 

This is particularly important in this case because the certification shows that CMI is taking active measures to combat climate change and contribute to the fight against global warming. 

The CMI flour plant has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable development and care for the environment by renewing its carbon neutral certification for the third consecutive time, through the implementation of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated in its operations. 

According to the commercial director for the flour business in CMI El Salvador, Sergio Araujo, the flour plant reduced 1,600 tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2021, a 10% reduction by comparison with the previous year. 

The company received its first carbon neutral certification in 2020, thus becoming the first food plant in the country to receive this recognition. To achieve this, solar panels were installed in four food production plants in El Salvador, each of which provides between 10% and 25% of the energy used by each plant. 

CMI Foods seeks to earn carbon neutral certifications in coming years in other plants of the corporation, as it has already done successfully in Costa Rica and in El Salvador. 

CMI continues to demonstrate its commitment to socio-environmental concerns by implementing actions focused on the sustainable use of raw materials in all its business units, reflecting a constant effort to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to sustainable development.