Instituto campero

Campero Institute: An Opportunity for Education and Improvement for thousands of Guatemalans

Instituto campero

The Campero Institute was born in 1992 in Guatemala, with the need to bring “school into work”. “The project arose as an initiative of Juan José Gutiérrez meant to provide an added value to the employees of Pollo Campero: an educational center where they could finish their secondary education,” explains Anabella Cordón, Director of the Campero Institute. 

For more than 30 years, Juan José Gutiérrez was president of Pollo Campero, time during which he implemented initiatives such as the Campero Institute, while also leading the expansion of the brand in the region and internationally. 

Over the years, the Campero Institute has grown from an institution that offers secondary education, to also being an entity that can provide higher education opportunities in partnership with universities and other educational resources, such as diploma programs and English classes.  

Up to 2021, the Campero Institute has had 1,559 students graduate as Bachelors of Science and Arts, and 530 from Diploma programs in Restaurant Management. 

One of the characteristics that highlights the Campero Institute is that its schedules are tailored to the employee, so that they’re compatible with their work shifts. This is very useful and encourages them to continue their studies. It meets the standards of the Ministry of Education and is a benefit for employees of both Pollo Campero and Pollo Granjero.

The Campero Institute is part of the efforts of CMI Educa (CMI Educates), one of the social action initiatives undertaken by Corporación Multi Inversiones. It seeks to provide personal and academic development opportunities for both employees and the communities and the environment in which the company operates. 

The students of the Campero Institute

The requirements to enter the Campero Institute are the following: 

  • To be an active Pollo Campero or Pollo Granjero employee in Guatemala.
  • To have all the necessary paperwork.
  • To express a desire to study and learn. 

Among the different study options offered are:

Basic (Middle school) level

Basic general education

Basic education by maturity

Diversified Secondary level (high school)

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

Baccalaureate in Sciences and Letters by maturity

Diploma programs

Restaurant Management

Computer science

Free English course

University Programs

Partnership with Galileo University since 2018

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Product Marketing Services

Diploma Program in Administration

Technical Degree in Service Administration

Thanks to the Campero Institute, employees have been able to continue their studies and grow both personally and professionally, preparing themselves for a better future!

An Inspiring Story: Samuel de Jesús Ramírez

The classrooms of the Campero Institute are full of great stories of people like Samuel, who show that you can achieve big dreams with will power, discipline and perseverance. 

Samuel joined Pollo Campero in 2004, starting his restaurant career in the kitchen area. At the same time, he decided to continue his studies at the Campero Institute in order to graduate and aspire to a promotion within the restaurant. 

This is how he graduated as a Bachelor in the Campero Institute class of 2009, which allowed him to meet the requirement to access the position of Cashier. 

Later, in 2012, he continued with his studies, this time taking on a Diploma Program in Restaurant Management, which opened the doors for him to be promoted to the position of Restaurant Controller. 

His story of overcoming continues, as Campero Institute formalized its alliance with Galileo University in 2018. Taking advantage of this new opportunity, Samuel started the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. 

This new challenge in higher education also presented him with a new professional challenge: he accepted a position as PM High Complexity Manager. 

Samuel is currently finishing his Bachelor’s degree, preparing to take on new challenges in his successful career at Pollo Campero.