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CMI Foods reinvents itself for the future

Planta CMI Alimentos

The transformation of CMI Foods, a business group within CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, serves as a prime example of adaptation and future readiness in the food sector. The company has made considerable progress in optimizing its resources and integrating advanced technologies.

This reinvention not only meets the changing demands of the market but also establishes a framework for sustainable growth. An interview conducted by El Economista magazine with Marco Matouk, Senior Director of Transformation at CMI Foods, highlights key aspects of this process, from managing cultural change to adopting new operational realities induced by the pandemic.

Key Milestones in Transformation

The transformation journey of CMI Foods began with a philosophy of “doing more with the same,” focusing on resource optimization to reinvest in growth. However, the onset of the pandemic accelerated this process, demonstrating the company’s ability to quickly adapt to new operational realities.

The integration of business units into a single entity and the adoption of technologies for remote work were fundamental steps in this journey, showing a commitment to continuous improvement and preparation for the future.

Challenges and Solutions Along the Way

The transformation faced several challenges, such as integrating previously independent business units. The identification of synergies and the optimization of the supply chain emerged as key solutions, alongside the implementation of technological capabilities to close gaps and create value.

CMI Foods was able to navigate these obstacles with the progressive execution of these changes, ensuring the alignment of all units towards a common goal.

The Role of Human Capital and Technology

Human capital is at the core of the transformation strategy of CMI Foods, since it being people-center is the success of any change. Adapting to transformation, outsourcing functions, and optimizing organizational structures reflect a commitment to team well-being and efficiency.

At the same time, the adoption of AI and the use of Big Data emphasize a focus on technological innovation as a key factor to support growth and improve data-driven decision-making.

The transformation led by Marco Matouk and backed by the strategic vision of Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, Chairman of CMI Foods, is notable for its focus in the consumer and ability to navigate complex challenges. The corporation has not only managed to optimize its operations and adopt advanced technologies but has also redefined its organizational culture, placing human capital at the center of its strategy.

The process prepares CMI Foods to face the future with confidence and establishes a model of adaptability and sustainable growth. This transformation has proven to be highly effective, reaffirming the company’s vision for the next hundred years and ensuring its position as a leader in the food market.