instituto campero

The Campero Institute contributes to professional and personal growth of CMI employees

instituto campero

CMI founded the Campero Institute in 1992 as part of its sustainability strategy. Since then the institute has helped over 1,660 people to obtain a Highschool Diploma in Science and Arts, and more than 857 diplomas in Business Administration and Computer Science. In 2023, thanks to a partnership with Galileo University established in 2018, the Institute supported the graduation of 11 new Business Administration professionals.

CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, maintains a strong commitment to the personal and professional development of its employees t hrough significant initiatives like the Campero Institute. This approach has led to remarkable success stories, such as that of Christian Santiago, whose journey from cook to Lead Restaurant Manager at Pollo Campero highlights the positive impact of corporate policies centered on human growth.

Christian Santiago’s Journey with Pollo Campero

Christian Santiago began his career at Pollo Campero over two decades ago as a cook. At the Campero Institute, he embarked on an educational journey that allowed him to become the first university graduate in his family. He also climbed the ranks to become the Lead Restaurant Manager. This evolution reflects his dedication and effort, as well as the crucial role the Campero Institute plays in facilitating the growth of its employees.

The Transformative Role of the Campero Institute

Since joining Pollo Campero in 2002, Santiago’s commitment to personal and professional improvement has been supported by CMI’s core values: Responsibility, Excellence, Integrity, and Respect. In partnership with Galileo University, the Campero Institute provided him with training that he effectively applied to managing the restaurant, improving both team performance and business outcomes. This showcases how education and professional practice can complement each other to the benefit of both individuals and corporations alike.

Inspiration to Grow: The Impact of These Testimonies

Christian Santiago has become a motivational figure within Pollo Campero, encouraging his colleagues to pursue their educational and professional goals. His success has not only been a source of inspiration for his family but also exemplifies CMI’s commitment to sustainable development and enriching the educational landscape of the country. This focus on personal and professional growth underscores the importance of educational opportunities in transforming lives.

This initiatives that seek an integral professional and personal development are part of the sustainable growth vision of Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, Chairman of CMI Foods, a business group of CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones.

For over more three decades of effort CMI has fostered individual growth, through the Campero Institute. Showing that when proper opportunities are provided, complemented by a supportive environment, individuals can exceed expectations and achieve their dreams, benefiting everyone around them.