One CMI: innovation, technology, and knowledge

The publication Estrategia & Negocios has highlighted the role of CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, through its more than one hundred years of ongoing development and innovation, building, in its path, the business values that make for “One Single CMI”.

The joint work of Juan Luis Bosch, Chairman of CMI Capital and of Juan José Gutiérrez, Chairman of CMI Foods has turned this multi-Latin Corporation into the model to follow for every company in the region. 

The successes that have forged One Single CMI

At CMI we have understood that the key to face up to future challenges in the food and renewable energy industries is in innovation, technology, efficient supply chains and knowledge of the needs of clients, consumers and competitors.

According to José González-Campo, Senior Director of Corporate and Sustainability Affairs at CMI, the philosophy of the organization focuses on maintaining a sound culture under “One Single CMI” where employees share business values to continue to grow the Corporate and Sustainability Affairs of CMI. 

CMI is committed to further building its processes and corporate culture of more than one century. In this regard, its objective has been to promote sustainable impact in the communities where it operates through its two business groups: Foods and Capital. 

CMI Foods: We feed your world to fill it with wellbeing

In 2022, the corporation announced a new investment of around US$1.8 billion in job creation, infrastructure improvement, innovation, and social projects for the next 3 years. From this amount, CMI Food will invest up to US$1 billion in coming years, of which US$480 million will be allocated to projects and capacity-building in countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

The group has implemented new safety systems in its food production plants, innovation in its portfolio, and promotion of omnichannels in its restaurants.

CMI Capital: Impactful investment to promote sustainable development

CMI Capital has entered the international capital market with the placement of Green Bonds for US$700 million in 2021, with a pool of investors from the United States (56%), Europe (29.4%), Latin America ( 12.3%) and Asia (2.3%). It also has the largest and most diverse private portfolio of renewable energy in the region.

Social initiatives

CMI Corporation believes in the importance of growing together with its community, which is why it has developed initiatives such as:

CMI Emprende (CMI Entrepreneurship): that provides support for entrepreneurship to promote persons willing to establish their own business.

CMI Educa (CMI Educates): Personal development opportunities are promoted to have an environment of respect that watches over the community, starting with its employees.

CMI Junto a ti (CMI Together with you): brings development opportunities to communities, with programs for access to drinking water, medical brigades, reforestation and road construction.

CMI Cuida el ambiente (CMI cares for the environment): the environmental projects promoted reinforce CMI’s commitment to caring for the environment in the communities in which it works.

These initiatives focus on promoting entrepreneurship, education, wellbeing and sustainability to contribute to society’s growth and development.

Through these efforts, CMI shows that it is a Corporation mindful of the environmental and of the social impact of its operations, and seeks to reduce its ecological footprint, as well as to make positive contributions to the future. To achieve this, it has a sustainability strategy in place that aims to implement technological and innovative solutions. 

The fundamental values of the Corporation: Responsibility, Excellence, Integrity and Respect (REIR) are reflected in all the actions that the Corporation carries out, whether of a social or business nature.