The most admired businessmen in Central America in 2021

Success in the business world is directly related to dedication and understanding of what it means to lead a company, as a well-run and motivated organization becomes increasingly efficient and successful in the marketplace.

In that sense, Central America has seen successful entrepreneurs excel over the past few decades. While the region’s business climate may be challenging, it has not been an obstacle for different leaders to harness the value of innovation and perseverance to achieve success. Leading pioneers in a variety of industries have done just that.

With this in mind, Estrategia & Negocios Magazine, in alliance with Skaleno Advisory, carried out the study Admirados 2021, ‘people who are admired’, which highlights the great entrepreneurs of reference in the Central American region. These are people who have followed a successful path and are examples to inspire and admire.

The methodology of the study

Admirados 2021 is based on a survey conducted among decision-makers and the readership of the magazine about the most admired businessmen and businesswomen. The exercise focused on the attributes that these entrepreneurs possess, as well as the legacy they have left throughout their careers in five categories: Regional, New Leadership, Women, Multinationals and Admired in their countries.

A total of 880 people participated in the survey, casting a total of 2,700 votes to nominate their favorites. The form was open-ended and available from 21 September to 4 October 2021, during which time participants were free to nominate up to three leaders.

Regional Highlights

In the Regional category, four renowned businessmen from the area received the most votes, among them, the Guatemalan leaders who have led Corporación Multi Inversiones to reach unsuspected heights of success thanks to their hard work in the Food and Capital groups, which are the pillars of the corporation:

  • Guatemala: Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, Chairman of CMI Foods, Business Group of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI). Gutiérrez Mayorga has a wide range of recognitions, as the businessman is one of the most recognized at a regional level, with a trajectory of more than 40 years. Thanks to this, in June 2005, Newsweek magazine selected him as one of the most revolutionary CEO’s in the field of corporate strategy and business.
  • Guatemala: Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, Chairman of CMI Capital, Business Group of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI). Bosch is a renowned Guatemalan businessman who has stood out for his vision of leadership, innovation, and for contributing to the growth and expansion of the corporation in recent years, especially in the fields of renewable energy.

According to Alejandro Domínguez, Managing Partner of Skaleno Advisory, voters admire and have chosen these entrepreneurs because each of them is “a strategic visionary and inspirational leader, which in turn, is complemented by incorporating two personal management characteristics which are being emotionally intelligent and accompanied by significant resilience”. 

Of these entrepreneurs, the study highlighted their drive to renew their businesses and industries, and their desire to adapt to the market, the same that is transferred to the daily operation of their companies.