#GraciasPorCuidarnos recognizes those who work against Covid-19

The hashtag #GraciasPorCuidarnos (translated from Spanish meaning: “Thank you for taking care of us”) has gained strength in social networks to recognize the work by the people who work against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The restriction that requires staying at home for the majority of the population does not apply to first responders, nurses, policemen, doctors, pharmacy workers, restaurants, administrative personnel, military and security agents.

Bank employees and government authorities also continue to work.

“Thank you very much to all the Guatemalans who are out working day and night so that we can stay home,” said María Inés Rivera, of the National Civic Movement.

The director of the Foundation for Development (FUNDESA), Juan Carlos Zapata, also joined in and thanked the government and the private sector who make it possible for the rest to stay home.

With information from: República