Corporación Multi Inversiones reaffirms its support to entrepreneurship

Corporación Multi Inversiones reaffirms its support to entrepreneurship

Corporación Multi Inversiones reaffirms its support to entrepreneurship
Through its Corporate University, laUcmi, CMI launched an invitation for 50 Guatemalan from the country to be certified, for the first time, in its Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with Babson College.

Guatemala, March 3, 2022. As part of the commitment of Corporación Multi Inversiones -CMI-, to carry out projects that promote sustainable development with real impact in the communities where it operates, today it launched and sent the invitation for Guatemalans of every part of the country to apply to 50 scholarships to become certified in the Entrepreneurship Program promoted by CMI’s Corporate University, laUcmi, in partnership with Babson College of the United States.

A comprehensive part of this certification involves a commitment on the part of CMI Executives who volunteered to train for 6 months to become facilitators of the program and take this partnership to action.

“We planned this program with much excitement. It comes from the strategic partnership established between CMI and Babson College, a university with more than 100 years of history, and recognized to be one of the best entrepreneurship schools in the United States of America. We are confident that these 50 students will receive useful tools and knowledge for their businesses” said José Miguel Larios, Senior Director of Corporate Human Resources.

Classes will be virtual and will include live sessions, support material for class, presentations on entrepreneurship by recognized persons, and the development of an entrepreneurship Project. After 6 months, the students will receive an entrepreneurship certificate and will have acquired the skills needed to start their own business.


Details were offered during the event on how ecosystems should work for businesses to grow, and the support required to grow, as well as the investment and consultancy models that larger companies can promote for these entrepreneurs.

For CMI, this type of project is an opportunity to grow together, and it is for that reason that it invests time and resources to develop programs that help accomplish this goal in four social action pillars: CMI Emprende, CMI Educa, CMI Junto a ti y CMI Cuida el Ambiente.

These are social initiatives focused on creating employment, improving the quality of life of citizens, protecting the environment and promoting ecosystems for economic development, by creating opportunities to grow together.

As stated by Juan Luis Bosch, Chairman of CMI Capital, during his speech “Through CMI Emprende we want and hope to support more people to become owners of their own business. We know that starting a business is not easy, it takes sacrifice and time to be successful in the long term. Our grandfather was a born entrepreneur who, with his example, always made us “go forward” and that is what we are doing here today.”