CMI Foods listed again among the most loved brands in Central America

Brand recognition is essential to the success of a company; it is indicative of the level of trust and loyalty that consumers have of it. In addition, it also helps the company to stand out from its competitors and build a strong reputation in the market. 

With these criteria as reference, the publication Estrategia & Negocios recognized CMI Foods, an integral part of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) and whose Chairman is Juan José Gutiérrez, in its study “Lovemarks: the brands that Central America loves”. 

The study showed that several of CMI Foods’ brands and products stand out in the preference and loyalty of Central American consumers. 

Brands that Central America loves

The publication highlighted the effort made by “lovemarks” to listen to their consumers and adapt to new purchasing channels, as well as new consumer profiles, through constant innovation and diversification. 

The study included a survey of digital audiences between September 14 and October 1, 2022, with a total of 6,471 votes and analyzed different sectors and categories, including food, restaurants, and brands that are a national pride.

Several of the CMI Food brands stood out in consumer preference and loyalty. In the National Identity and Pride Lovemarks category, Pollo Campero  came first in Guatemala, where the international reach of the brand is also recognized. In addition, this brand stood out in the category of Restaurants and Cafeterias in Guatemala and El Salvador.

For its part, Toledano was recognized as a Pride Lovemark in Panama. In the Food category, Toledo, Pollo Rey and Pastas Ina took the top slots in Guatemala, while in El Salvador, Pollo Indio and Toledo enjoyed consumers’ preference. 

Toledo was also recognized as a Lovemark in Honduras and placed itself in the top 3 in acceptance in Panama. Thanks to these accomplishments in the Marketplace, CMI is encouraged to continue to enhance its purpose to feed the world and bring wellbeing through its best products and quality solutions.