Industria & Negocios magazine highlights CMI Foods’ role in the regional poultry industry

Food security is a right of all people. It occurs when people have permanent physical and economic access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food to meet their nutritional needs and food preferences, thus leading an active and healthy life.

To achieve this goal, companies in the food sector are essential. That is why Industria & Negocios magazine recognizes them, and has highlighted the role of CMI Foods, particularly in the poultry protein market

This business group, which is part of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), and whose Chairman and CEO is Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, has implemented high-level and high-performance operating models in the food industry, being a source of direct employment with more than 40 thousand employees.

CMI Foods: infrastructure, innovation and sustainability

With a poultry farming history dating back to 1963, when Don Juan Bautista Gutiérrez founded Avícola Villalobos, CMI Foods has continued its legacy with an essential purpose: “We feed your world to fill it with well-being”. To this end, it has an investment plan that will impact food security in the region over the next three years.

The objectives of this plan are to strengthen its infrastructure, increase innovation and focus on sustainability. It plans to build new poultry farms, expand hatcheries and increase the capacity of its processing plants, expand its warehouses, and improve logistics and distribution processes.

Development-focused investments that impact the environment

With vast experience in the production of consumer products as varied as pasta, cookies, sauces, and other everyday products, CMI Foods is not only top of mind among Central American consumers with popular brands such as Ina and Gama, but also adds to this prestige the actions implemented in its poultry and pork production centers, which have had a special impact on the environment.  

Thanks to nutritional solutions to improve the digestive process of poultry, CMI Foods has managed to protect the environment, especially by avoiding the emission of more than 80 thousand tons of CO2 in Central America. It has also achieved this through more than 7,600 solar panels in its food operations, including poultry processing plants and farms.